This is a message from across the pond about a transatlantic comms

meeting taking place next Monday, 3/19 @ 1:30pm EST!


This call is open to all but may be of most interest and usefulness to 

media / tech / external comms individuals and groups from each

occupation / assembly.


The meeting is being convened to connect the European and Occupy US

movements, and to discuss the global newswire project now being set up

by folks from Take the Square, Interoccupy and the People’s Assemblies

global platforms.


More info on the newswire project is here: ) and full info on how to

attend the meeting, which will take place on the Mumble free global

conference platform is set out below.


Any questions don’t hesitate to email:


The meeting will take place on the Mumble on Monday 19th March, 

and will start at 1:30p EST, 5:30p GMT, 6:30p CET.


If  you are new to Mumble we recommend you arrive 30 minutes earlier

(ie 1pm EST) when someone will be on hand to help you through any

technical difficulties. You will need a microphone and headphones to participate.


Mumble can be downloaded here:


where you will also find a short tutorial on how to use it (and see also

text pasted below)


Once you have installed the Mumble software, you need to configure it

to the Take the Square Server. To do this, run the software and then

click on


(1) ‘Server’

(2) ‘Add New’

(3) and then add the following details:


Label: takethesquare


Port: 64738

Name: your name_your location


Once you have added these details you should be able to bring up the

Mumble Server Connect page. Here, click on takethesquare and connect

thru to a Mumble space with lots of rooms. We will be in the Global

Assemblies one…


NB – You may also need to configure your headphones and mic which you

can do via audio wizard at ‘Configure’ once you are in the meeting