Hello International Commissions, Outreach Teams and Everyone !

In the run up to May we are inviting local workgroups to share the political statements so far endorsed by the Assemblies of the world, here on the Inter-Assembly list. If you think it’s important to document and share the global, national and local politics of Assemblies, please post your Assembly’s endorsed statements by sending an email to: assemblies@lists.takethesquare.net

Please include the date it was endorsed, a link to the statement at your local blog and any other relevant info, and ask other International Commissions and Outreach Groups from Popular Assemblies to do the same. All statements posted here will be reposted at http://www.peoplesassemblies.org/category/statements/to create an archive of the politics of the movement so far.

Commissions, Outreach groups and observers are invited to subscribe to the inter-assembly list at

We hope this platform is of interest to you and your fellow companer@ s

Peace, Love and Solidarity !

The PAN Admin team

**For more info on PAN, or to join us for our weekly Mumble voice meetings (Mondays 1830CET, 1730GMT, 1230EST) don’t hesitate to email: pan-owner@lists.takethesquare.net **

***If you are interested to translate this message or other messages relating to the Inter-Assemblies list and Newswire (see info at: www.peoplesassemblies.org/newswire ) please get in touch***

El texto esta en ingles, encuentras la traduccion en espanhol debajo:


This list publishes texts endorsed by people’s assemblies. It is moderated by a global working group, committed to providing noise-free, reliable, and transparent communication infrastructure for the movements. The list is only one aspect of our communications work. Posts communicated here will also be published on a number of global sites and will be available as an RSS feed and global newswire.


Our next weekly global Mumble meeting will be Monday at 1730 BST / 1830 CET / 1230 EST. Email pan-owner@lists.takethesquare.net if you want to know more, want to help, or are part of a group working on international communication. And if there is no group working on international communication in your movement – start one!



Esta lista publica mensajes refrendados por las asambleas populares. Lista moderada por un grupo de trabajo global, dedicada a ofrecer una infrestructura de comunicacion libre de ruido, confiable y transparente para el movimiento. La lista es solo una parte de nuestra labor comunicativa. Los mensajes enviados seran publicados en diferentes paginas globales y estaran disponibles via RSS y en una pagina mundial de noticias.


Nuestra proxima reunion de mumble sera; este proximo lunes a las 18:30 hora central de Europa (GMT +1). Email: pan-owner@lists.takethesquare.net. Eres bienvenido, si quieres saber mas o sientes que puedes ayudar o si eres miembro de un grupo de Comunicacion Internacional. Y si no hubiera un grupo de comunicacion en tu asamblea lo puedes innaugurar tu!